Agilix for Health Plans
  • Improves the member experience
Why our services matter
  • Nutrition status has impact on health outcomes
  • Visibility is limited in outpatient setting, nutrition often slips through the cracks
  • Systemic hurdles limit availability and reimbursement of nutrition-based support
How does it work?
  • Remote patient monitoring combined with telephonic support of dietitian and regular interventions
  • Multi channel engagement from all parties
  • Flexible to adapt to patient and clinical needs
  • Interventions when monitoring indicates out of range weight fluctuations
  • Individualized treatment nutrition and education plans supporting patient’s clinical treatment goals, avoiding complications, managing and anticipating medication side effects (e.g. chemotherapy treatment days)
What to expect
  • Patient engagement
  • Remote patient weight monitoring
  • Telephonic dietitian support and counseling
  • Clinical escalations as needed
  • Referrals to additional member and health plan resources, e.g. diabetic educators, food resources, case managers, etc
  • Administrative reporting
  • Program administrative portal