Stage 4 Lung cancer

Agilix Health addresses the issue of malnutrition among patients, and offers tech-enabled, fully reimbursable nutrition services that combine remote patient monitoring with virtual support from specialized Registered Dietitians. Agilix RDs are the “eyes and ears” for providers between visits, which may improve clinical outcomes and lower healthcare costs.

Patient History

  • 85 year old female with Stage 4
    Lung Cancer
  • MST Score: 3
  • Lost 18% of body weight in 1 year
    prior to joining Agilix
  • Daughters are social support and

Personalized Care Recommendations

  • Consistent use of baking soda salt rinse
  • Good oral care with soft toothbrush
  • Keep a symptoms journal
  • Small frequent meal and snacks with high calorie and protein foods
  • Add kcal to foods with use of oils, nut butters, and protein powders
  • Drink Boost High Protein shakes
  • Avoid high spicy, fatty, or high sugar foods for diarrhea management
  • Liquid IV and Metamucil for diarrhea management


  • Height: 5 feet 1 inch
  • Usual body weight: : 115-125 lbs
  • Starting weight: 93.26 lb
  • Starting BMI: 17 (underweight)
  • Current weight: 93.92 lb
  • Current BMI: 17.7 (underweight)


  1. Stable weight while working with Agilix RD, despite prior weight loss
  2. Patient reports feeling and eating better
  3. Caretakers report patient is doing well and needs less RD support

Agilix Metrics

  • 119 minutes with Agilix RD
  • Engaged with scale 80 of 104 program days (77%)


  • First line therapy
  • Oral Osimertinib

Signs / Symptoms

  • Poor appetite
  • Unintentional weight loss
  • Mouth sores
  • Diarrhea
  • Taste changes


“You have helped me so much in several ways to feel less discomfort and pain, especially with suggestions about diarrhea that have helped decrease my episodes and make food easier to tolerate.” “I really appreciate all your help and advice with my mom. It has helped her feel better and I see her able to eat more and have more energy”